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Web Design FAQs

Hosting and Web Design F.A.Q.'s

How long does building out a new website take?

Custom jobs require custom quotes and timeline estimate BUT a majority of our "small jobs" take as little as 2 weeks. Most medium to large custom websites can be finished in as little as 2 months.

Do you build in Joomla or Wordpress?

Joomla is a definite no.

It's outdated, hard for the average client to manage and very limiting in customization. It's Wordpress's ugly, old cousin. There are many better options and solutions for our Brandon Web Design clients.

Wordpress is by request only.

Wordpress has many strengths from customizability to ease of updating (most of the time) but lacks in Speed and Security when it comes to custom web design. In fact, it's one of the most hacked Web Design platforms out there.

So what do you use?!

Come on now, that's a trade secret! We design and develop in-house and with our CMS, 99% of our customers have no problem updating their website without touching a bit of code after just 30 minutes of training. That is if they don't want us to manage their website for them, of course..

If you're looking for a Web Design Company in Hernando, FL whos on the edge of modern technology, design, development and security, then look no further. Give us a call right now to get started!

Do You build in "drag and drop" builders provided by companies like Godaddy or Yahoo pages?

We don't play "in-the-box" very well.

As a custom web design company in Hernando, FL, we specialize in custom web design built to make our customers money by bringing in new customers. These "$2.99/month" "one-size-fits-all" website builders never deliver on their promises of ease and profitability. And very likely will never rank against your competition.

Call us today for a website built just for you and your company, services and products.

Is Custom Web Design really worth the time and cost?

Imagine for a moment, that you could hire an employee that you would pay one time up-front and from then on they would:

  • Assist your employees with each and every potential customer
  • Provide your sales team consistent leads and tools for their "presentations"
  • Would always have your company’s profile, previous work, customer testimonies, location and contact information ready whenever you or a customer needed it
  • And would be there, ready and waiting, when an potential client was looking for a company within your industry to fill a need they had to tell them all about you

Would you hire that person?

The answer is undeniably, yes. And an effective website, direct mail, or printed Ad campaign can do all of that and more. That’s the exact why static websites and generic print templates are like throwing your money in the garbage. Give us a call today to start tracking and seeing the results when you work with a professional.

Do You Offer Generic Templates?

Simply, No. We’re a Web Design & Hosting Company specializing in CUSTOMIZED branding and marketing. Sure, we could create, or you could go buy, a template aimed at your industry, but at the end of the day you will look generic and we won't have helped you stand out from your competition! Every chance you get you should reinforce your company’s branding, products and services.

So we firmly believe in the personalized service, custom printing and top-notch web design services that we offer. We will utilize every element possible to maximize your web site's effectiveness. To save a few bucks on a generic template will not be worth it for your company or your customers in the long run. Not to mention, we don’t get to show off our awesome Design and Customer Service skills.

Here are three mindsets that I find too often in unsuccessful or struggling Hernando, FL businesses:

  • I have enough business right now, and don’t need anymore customers.” Every business owner loves when business is booming, however, too many stop marketing their company and pay the price down the road. Until tomorrow’s customers are guaranteed you have to acknowledge that the internet plays a huge factor in reaching new customers.

  • I don’t want to go out of business, but I don’t know if my company is worth the additional investment.” This has to be the response I most dislike hearing. Our passion is to see local businesses grow and benefit as a result of our services, but we can’t help if a business owner doesn’t even see the value of their business. After a FREE Consultation we'll discuss time and cost involved in getting your business booming again.

    We build sites that help businesses connect with new customers. It's as simple as that.

  • I can just have my buddy do my website for free, so why would I pay for it?” My suggestion to these individuals is to do their research on Search Engine Algorithms, CS3, XHTML & HTML5 standards, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Cross-Browser Compliance, etc.

    Am I making my point here? There is no substitute for the products and services that we offer, and no comparison for the results that our work gets. Our Web Design Services and Experince offer the entire package; Beautiful Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Outstanding Customer Service, Website Management, Custom Email, Hosting, etc.”

    You get what you pay for, and in our case you get much much more.

At PURE you can expect custom-tailored products and services to assure you reach, connect and engage your new and existing customers.

Our Marketing services will only include the items you most need to be successful!
We don't upsell, we don't pressure.

A few examples: (this list is not all inclusive)

Marketing Must Have's

Marketing Maybe Not's

Custom Business Cards Printed Flyers
Custom Web Site Google AdWords
Ranking in Google for Your Industry Ranking in Google for Multiple Keywords
Modern, Memorable Logo Company Tees to Sell Customers
Social Media Presence Every Social Media Platform


"We at A & M Autoworx are very satisfied with our website. We’ve received nothing but praise on our website’s design and how easy it is to navigate through the site to find exactly what you are looking for. Our website is one of a kind, and we have gained several new customers because of it. Not only was it amazing to work with Scott throughout the site’s design, but the pricing was unbelievable. We had 9 quotes from other Tampa Web Design companies and the best deal was by PURE Design Studio. We are truly happy with the hard work and devotion they put into our website, and I would recommend them over and over again."


"Scott was very responsive to my needs and handled my "problem" quickly. I am quite grateful for his help in getting my website's kinks worked out. I know that if I ever have a need for this type of expertise again, PURE will be the first call I make."




"I highly recommend Pure Design. When we met with Scott to discuss our vision for the website, he started by asking about our business, he wanted a good understanding of what we did so that he could develop a site tailored just for our business."
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In SEO, web design and marketing, we are the top ranked developers for a reason, we'll get you the results you've been looking for!

WARNING: Prolonged contact with PURE Design Studio may lead to an increase in profit and market share.